Roadmap to Javaslang 2.0.0

Today we unleashed 2.0.0-BETA. The focus was set on the shiny new collections. This is a big step towards a better Java!

The API of the BETA is stable, test coverage is 95%. It is recommended to early adopt this version.

Next is 2.0.0-RC1, which will have the new concurrency API and a test coverage of ~100%. RC1 is targeted mid of November.

The final release of Javaslang 2.0.0 will be made available on 1st December.

I want to thank all who joined us on the way to a functional Java! These awesome guys (in alphabetical order) spent much effort to make Javaslang 2.0.0-BETA possible.

Awesome guys!

Especially Ruslan :)

Ruslan's contributions

Have fun!