Javaslang Changes Name to Vavr

Hi all!

You may have already noticed that we are rebranding Javaslang due to a trademark conflict with Java™.

The name "Javaslang" consists of two parts, "Java" and "slang". This may cause confusion about the source of our project. More specifically it may cause the public believe that our project is delivered by Oracle Corporation, which is not the case.

As a consequence, we will not use the name Javaslang any more. After 4 years we change the brand. Our new name is Vavr (/ˈweɪ.vɚ/).

You may ask why we chose "Vavr" as new name. The answer is quite simple, we just uncluttered the previous name. Especially existing stickers can be trimmed.

The transition is still in progress, we will finish most of the following tasks this weekend.

  • We already renamed our Twitter account to The timeline and the followers remain unchanged.
  • We will rename the Github organization and the Github repositories.
  • We have a new url
  • The new blog's url will be
  • The new documentation url will be
  • The Java package will be renamed to io.vavr
  • Upcoming releases will have new coordinates io.vavr:vavr:<version>.

Of course these changes have some implications.

  • One drawback is that existing links to our previous domain will be broken. However, we are allowed to phase out our use of the domain. We will redirect "" to "" until the domain expires on February 10, 2018.
  • Another drawback is that bugfix releases for existing versions also will have the new coordinates. Update: We will keep the coordinates for bugfix releases of the current stream line.

However, I am really excited to have a new name for the project. Generally I embrace change, it is always the opportunity to evolve.

I know, it all sounds a little bit like a late April fool - but it isn't.

Thanks for using Vavr!

- Daniel